Lightroom/Photoshop Training Add-on
One of the concepts we stress in our workshops is capturing everything you need while you are in the field.  Jane is often heard to say "gather all your assets!"  
What does this mean?
It is simply a fundamental practice of making sure you have all the data you need while you are taking your images so that you can successfully create the photograph you have in mind when you get to the computer.
Realize that you can't really know what you need to collect until you have a strong foundation in post-processing.  Understanding Lightroom and Photoshop allows you to know where you can go with your image and how to get there!
What to some would be a throw-away image has tons of potential!  I love showing the different stages of a flower's life in the same photograph, and this was a good example of that.  Because of the physical layout of the location, I couldn't move my camera to capture a better composition.  But I knew I had the post-processing skills to bring this image to life!
By increasing the canvas using content aware crop in PS and doing some exposure adjustment and then finally some background enhancements with a brush, I was able to go from ho-hum to beautiful!
Here is the final image with a creative frame added to enhance the presentation of the photograph.  These are the exact skills that we will cover in the Advanced LR/PS class!!  Learn how to take your image to extraordinary from start to finish.  This class will include a section on how to write your own actions!
You should have an established workflow for Lightroom and Photoshop already in place, and be familiar with layers and masks in PS.  This class will not cover setting up LR or basic LR adjustments.  Our time will be spent mostly in PS learning advanced selections, masking, manipulations, luminosity masking and writing actions.  

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