One Day Lightroom Intensive
Once you start developing your passion for photography, you will quickly realize that you are amassing quite a collection of images.  How are you going to store all those RAW images and keep them organized?  How you can locate a particular photo that you took 2 years ago?  How can you take a RAW image and create a winning photograph from all that data? 
FROM DULL .........................................................................TO DAZZLING!
Lightroom is the industry standard for the organization and post-processing of RAW digital images.  It is easy to learn, but difficult to fix the problems that arise if you don't establish a good workflow for organizing your images.  Start right with our class, where we will show you how to set up your LR catalog and will cover basic post-processing of the RAW image.
Even if you are already a LR user, this class is useful if you want to tweak your workflow for maximum efficiency and develop a solid back up strategy.
The unedited RAW image on the left, shown in Lightroom, is dull and lifeless, but full of potential.  LR will give you the tools you need to make this image pop and make it look more like what the scene actually looked like that morning.
The same image after using the tools in LR to bring out the detail and color present in the RAW file.  LR makes it quick and easy to post process your images as well as keep them safe and organized.
Join Jane and Craig for a full day of Lightroom training, where we will introduce you to the features of this amazing program.  You will learn how to organize your catalog of photos, how to post-process them to bring out the full potential of the RAW image and how to create Jpegs to share online or print.  And we will show you a rock-solid back up strategy to keep all your images safe!  It's a full day of training, and you will go home with a solid foundation in this industry standard for digital photography.

November 9, 2019


Location:  This seminar will be held at the beautiful Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Lee's Summit, MO.  Reasonable accommodations at a  special rate are also available for anyone traveling from out of town.
Fee:  $125The cost of this workshop does not include lodging, meals or travel to/from the workshop.  Payment may be made through the PayPal button on this page or mail personal check to:  Creative Light Photography Workshops, 395 NW 1851st Rd, Kingsville, MO 64061

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