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     Creative Light is a workshop collaboration between photographers Craig McCord and Jane Palmer.  With over 50 years of photographic experience, we have joined forces to bring a new dimension to the photography workshop experience.  Together, we have created a workshop model that goes far beyond just getting you to beautiful landscapes.  Our goal at Creative Light is centered around exploring your creative vision and teaching you the tools and techniques you need to capture images that tell your story.
Featured upcoming workshops
Hocking Hills of Ohio
May 11-15, 2020
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Night Sky over Lower Fox School House
May 22, 2020
Sold out
Kansas Night Sky at the Flying W Ranch
Jul 16-19, 2020
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     Today’s cameras are excellent at determining exposure and producing tack sharp images.  But it remains as true today as it was for early film photographers—it’s the artistic vision of the photographer that makes the click of the shutter result in an artful image.  Anyone can take a snapshot of a beautiful location and come away with an acceptable photo.  We want to take you beyond acceptable, beyond just sharp and well exposed.  Together, we can explore your creativity and show you how to make photographs that tell your story.
Autumn in the
Grand Tetons
Sept 25-59, 2020
Big Sur Winter 
January 8 - 12, 2021
Bandon and the Oregon Coast
March 18-22, 2021
Eastern Sierra!
May 15-19, 2021

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Autumn in Yosemite
October 17 - 20, 2021
Why join us for a workshop 
  • The Creative Light Team is dedicated to your success with small group workshops taking you to beautiful locations.  We know these locations and know when to go for the best light. 
  • Small groups mean lots of time for in-field instruction, including determining exposure and setting up winning compositions.  We are there to help you "see the shot" and teach you the best way to capture it. 
  • Classroom time during off hours covers exposure and composition, developing your artistic vision and post processing your images to bring them from RAW to beautiful.
  • E-Pubs before the workshop get you up to speed on the basics so you are ready to make beautiful images from the first location to the last.

Learn to see.


Learn to use your camera to capture how you feel.


Explore what it means to listen to your inner creative voice and produce works of art that tell the story of how you see the world.


Come with us and learn how to capture images that go beyond the ordinary.

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