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Craig McCord and Jane Palmer
Craig McCord brings over 30yrs of photographic experience to the Creative Light Team.  Craig quickly developed an ever-increasing passion for photography as a means of creative expression. Over the years he has developed his artistic skills using 35mm, 645 and 6x7 medium format, and 4x5 large format media, before making his transition to digital capture in 2006.
Largely self-taught, Craig was influenced by black and white photography icons Ansel Adams, Bret Weston, and John Sexton among others.  One can see these influences come through in the richness of tones of Craig’s black and white works. Other greats such as Elliot Porter and David Muench influenced and molded Craig’s artistic eye and approach to subject matter. Craig’s style evolved showing a fondness for wide angle perspectives.  He often incorporates strong foreground elements to add a measure of depth, drawing the viewer into the image. 
Selections of Craig’s work reside in commercial and private collections in several states and throughout Missouri.  The National Park Service selected Craig’s images of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to highlight their celebration of the Park System’s centennial celebration in 2016.
Today, Craig works with Jane as part of the Creative Light Team, dedicated to passing on years of knowledge and experience to others in their pursuit of the art of photography. 
Jane is an award-winning landscape and underwater photographer and instructor.  She started her photography adventure in high school and picked it back up again when her daughter left for college.  A lifelong love of  nature and animals led her to spend more time outdoors with her camera, and she soon developed a passion for nature photography.  After learning to dive, it seemed only natural to take a camera underwater! Jane now travels the world capturing the magic of the underwater world with her camera!
Jane is a contributing author on the Visual Wilderness website, writing articles that are seen by thousands of folks.  
Jane shares her enthusiasm for photography with her students, whether in the classroom teaching Lightroom and Photoshop or Principles of Photography or in the field talking about light and composition from behind the camera.  She is dedicated to the success of each student, from the beginner that wants to understand exposure to the advanced photographer that might want to work on their creative vision.  
Jane and Craig share similar ideas in many areas of photography, but perhaps the most important thing they are both dedicated to is the success of their students.  They are committed to each person on their workshops, to make sure they go home with winning images and new skills and techniques to improve their photography.
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